About NotBadLab

We are a dedicated team of passionate product managers, full stack developers, UX/UI designers and QA engineers helping businesses of every size — from new startups to public companies — launch their projects using our software.


Our Timeline


Summer of '16


Founders Meet

In 2016, our founders Matej and Aljaž joined forces, initiating collaboration on an automotive startup project called GarageOnNet. Despite the project's eventual shelving due to the limited adoption of Bluetooth beacon technology, it served as a valuable learning experience in team management and comprehensive software development.




NotBadLab Established

Building upon their own expertise, the founders established NotBadLab business solutions, recognizing an opportunity for custom software development. Leveraging their expertise in the field, they seized the opportunity to deliver tailored solutions to meet clients' diverse needs.


Spring '21

Retrackify Development

Originating from an internal necessity, Retrackify emerged as a privacy-centric time tracking tool for our employees. Its success prompted us to launch it to the market in 2023, and today, it remains an integral part of our daily operations, serving as the primary source for tracking billable hours across projects.


Whole year project

Data Rating & Charging Software

Addressing the inefficiencies of legacy systems, we developed a cutting-edge data rating and charging software capable of handling vast datasets and delivering real-time, accurate billing, and provisioning. This innovation revolutionized our clients' business processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.




New Office Space

With our company's expansion, we relocated to a larger office space to accommodate our growing team and facilitate future growth. The move represents a significant milestone in our journey, underscoring our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients.



Expanding to Global Markets

Having established a strong foothold in the Slovenian market, we are now poised to expand our reach to global markets. We are actively seeking partnerships with enterprise companies and clients that would benefit from our software solutions, as we embark on this exciting new chapter of growth and innovation.

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