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A solution for everyone who values tracking their time but doesn't want to spend time managing it.

Retrackify is suitable for IT companies, agencies, accounting services, independent entrepreneurs...

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  • Automatic background operation
  • 100% private activity tracking
  • Integration with other solutions
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Fully automated time tracking

Retrackify monitors every second of your time and records activities in all program windows. No matter what you are doing and how quickly you switch program windows. Retrackify continuously monitors your computer's activity and saves all events in a user-friendly format.

100% private

Activity tracking is completely private, meaning you can rest assured that no one else in your company can see what you've been doing. All recorded data is encrypted with your password and always accessible only to you. Recorded activities are displayed only on your timeline, which can be unlocked only with your password. Only when you decide to enter your time expenditure does it become visible to your administrator.


Project and project phase management

In the Retrackify system, you can manage projects, create project groups, and terminate project phases. Each time an individual team member enters time expenditure on a specific project phase, this entry will be reflected at the level of the entire project. With this approach, you will always know at which point the project is, how much estimated time is left for the execution of each project phase, and how many hours need to be invoiced to your client.

This is not employees monitoring tool

Retrackify is not intended for monitoring your employees, as the tracking of their activities is 100% private. All data is encrypted, and each user can only access their recorded data with their password. Only when a user enters their time expenditure from their dashboard and assigns it to a specific project is that entry visible to the administrator.


Use cases

IT Companies

Retrackify offers seamless time tracking, automating the process in the background, allowing IT professionals to focus on their work without the hassle of manual time entry. With features like automatic activity logging and project management, it enhances productivity and provides a 100% private and encrypted record of activities.


Marketing Agencies

Retrackify simplifies time tracking for marketing agencies by automatically recording activities in the background. It enables easy project and phase management, ensuring accurate calculation of time spent on each task. The tool's privacy features make it secure for tracking activities, allowing marketers to concentrate on creative work rather than manual timekeeping.


Accounting Services

Retrackify is ideal for accounting services as it automatically tracks all tasks and records every minute of time spent. Thus, it enables you to efficiently record the time used for each customer and ensures an accurate calculation of billable hours. 100% private activity logging ensures data security, allowing accountants to focus on their core responsibilities without the constant worry of time tracking.



Retrackify caters to the needs of freelancers by offering a hassle-free approach to time tracking. With automatic background activity logging, it eliminates the need for constant manual input. The tool's project and phase management features help freelancers stay organized, and the 30-day free trial allows them to experience the benefits without any commitment or credit card requirement.


Just relax and work

Retrackify allows you to fully focus on your work without having to deal with real-time time tracking. This is especially convenient if you work on multiple projects daily or with various clients. If you often forget to track and enter your time expenditure as you go, your data becomes incomplete. It's very difficult to remember exactly what you were doing and how long each task took for a few days or even weeks back. Retrackify helps you with this by constantly and accurately recording all your activities.

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