Data Rating and Charging System

We help businesses in different industries by simplifying complicated calculations using our Data Rating and Charging System. With this system, our clients can handle large datasets and get a solution for accurate rating, billing, provisioning, and strategic planning.

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Transforming Enterprise EfficiencyTransforming Enterprise Efficiency

Transforming Enterprise Efficiency

Many enterprise companies are still using legacy software solutions and manual data handling that lack flexibility and fail to integrate with other systems. Current methods are time-consuming, error-prone, and requires human effort. This can lead to inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and missed opportunities for strategic planning.

Say Goodbye to Legacy Software...

Welcome Efficiency: Simplify Data Processing

Our solution empowers businesses with efficiency, accuracy, and agility in today’s fast-paced environment. Its adaptable architecture can be customized and seamlessly integrated with existing systems, making it suitable for diverse industries that handle large datasets—whether in telecommunication, transportation, insurance, or beyond.

Welcome Efficiency Simplify Data ProcessingWelcome Efficiency Simplify Data Processing

Product features



Fully automated system eliminating the need for human intervention.


Real-Time Data Processing

Handles large volumes of data with near real-time efficiency.


Live Data

Up-to-the-minute data access for timely decision-making.


Simple Formula and Pricing Management

User-friendly interface for defining and editing formulas, prices, and directories.


Adaptable Data Schema

Versatile to accommodate any type of data.


Audit Trail & Dual Verification

Ensures data integrity and security.


Innovative ETL System

Advanced system for importing data from various sources.


Customer Portal

A dedicated platform where customers can view real-time calculations and historical data.


System Integration

Seamless connection with other systems (authorizations, ERP, etc.).



Model various scenarios and predict outcomes based on historical data.

Data Rating and Charging System Workflow DiagramData Rating and Charging System Workflow Diagram

Verified use cases

Telecommunication Industry

  • Calculating incentives and fees based on sales, activations, subscriptions, and data usage.
  • Dynamically adjusting pricing structures for various services in response to market trends.
  • Analyzing customer behavior to personalize offerings and maximize revenue.

Transport Infrastructure

  • Billing individual vehicles based on their usage of roads or railways.
  • Optimizing toll rates and congestion pricing to manage traffic flow efficiently.
  • Generating detailed reports on usage patterns to inform infrastructure development plans.

Insurance Sector

  • Calculating provisions for sales representatives based on performance metrics and policy changes.
  • Automating bonus adjustments in real-time according to client insurance policy status.
  • Conducting simulations to forecast future provisioning needs and adjust strategies accordingly.

Energy Sector

  • Dynamically adjust pricing structures based on demand fluctuations and energy usage patterns.
  • Calculate incentives and tariffs for renewable energy producers based on grid contribution.
  • Simulate scenarios to forecast the impact of energy policy changes on pricing and provisioning strategies.

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