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Welcome to NotBadLab, where startups find more than just a development partner; they find a trusted ally in their journey towards success. Our custom software development service for startups is crafted to not only meet your unique needs but also to propel your vision into reality. Partner with us for a transformative experience tailored to startups, by startup experts.

At NotBadLab, we go beyond being your software development provider; we become your strategic development partner. Our team understands the startup world firsthand, bringing valuable experiences and insights to guide you through the intricacies of building software for your business.


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 Holistic Startup Solution  Holistic Startup Solution

Holistic Startup Solution

Our startup service is comprehensive, covering every aspect of your software development journey. From defining your product development strategy and planning to identifying the best technologies for your needs, designing with top-notch UX and UI practices, and ensuring timely software development – we offer a complete package. Our project management ensures a smooth development process, keeping your startup on schedule.

  • Software Development Strategy

  • UX & UI Design

  • Timely Software Development

Full-Stack Web & Mobile EngineeringFull-Stack Web & Mobile Engineering

Full-Stack Web & Mobile Engineering

Experience Full Stack Web & Mobile Engineering like never before. From technical architecture and front-end development to back-end development, testing, and quality assurance – our expertise covers the entire spectrum. We ensure that your startup's software is not only functional but also scalable and robust.

  • Technical Architecture

  • Back-end Development

  • Front-end Development

  • Testing & Quality Assurance

On Time On BudgetOn Time On Budget

On Time, On Budget

Our flexible service model can be adjusted to your timeline and budget. Launching your startup on time and on budget is crucial, and we understand the importance of flexibility. With agile leadership and Sprint Planning, we adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring that your vision is realized without compromising on quality or timeline.

  • Agile Development

  • Sprint Planning

  • Performance tracking

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UX & UI Design




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Got a vision? Let's build it! Leverage our proven experience collaborating with ambitious startups and enterprises to build the future. With NotBadLab as your partner, you're not just getting software development; you're getting a dedicated team invested in turning your startup dream into a thriving reality.

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